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Sale Serifos Plot

Sale Serifos Plot

Sale Serifos Plot

Σέριφος, Δήμος Σερίφου, Περιφερειακή Ενότητα Μήλου, Περιφέρεια Νοτίου Αιγαίου, Αιγαίο, 84005, Ελλάδα



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8 acres


The property ‘Serifos View“ is the balcony of the island, with panoramic views of the Aegean

The organization of the property is designed in a manner that achieves its optimal utilization under the existing terms of permitted building, by subdividing the plot to six independent buildable plots of surface ranging from 1000 to 1300 m2, all with an excellent orientation to the south and unlimited overlooking to the sea,

A road is provided among the them connecting the municipal road in the southern limit of ( m altitude ).

The amphitheatric location of the six plots, offers unlimited view to the Aegean Sea, exploiting the sloping ground.

The Serifos View property

Specific archeological commitments = Don’t exist

Commitments of forest law = Don’t exist

Commitments of setbacks from streams = Don’t exist


Under Presidential Decree of 17.9.2002 (GG 930/D) specific terms and restrictions on building apply to the Serifos Island settlement. At every buildable plot, the construction of a 200 sq.m dwelling house and a 20 sq.m basement is allowed, with a max. height of 7,50 m for up to storey houses. The built volume should be split .

Parallel morphological expression under conditions in accordance with local standards, in order to maintain the architectural character of the island.


  • Unlimited & unobstructed view of the Aegean

  • Sloping layout

  • Continuity with open, free space.

  • There is no through-traffic

  • Direct service from networks of water-energy

  • 6 building permits allowing immediate residential building

  • Ability to change the use in rented holiday accommodation

The Serifos View property

provides options for utilization

either as independent villas or

  as a unit of furnished apartments.

This property is ripe for development and construction

  and is recommend for effective investment for

the selective tourism of Serifos

Key Features

in construction. Houses / Apartments

Each of the six plots is independent and autonomous

The residences (apartments) in each plot have private use in their share (vertical ownership)

Each plot has its own parking space

There is the possibility of getting license by EOT to operate rented furnished apartments of 80 beds in total

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